Forecasting the Field – 3/4

Posted: March 4, 2013 in Uncategorized

Due to an error in my notes, I had BYU’s resume looking a little better on paper than it really is. As such, the Cougars find themselves on the outside looking in, yet again. In fact, it will probably take – as Eric Frisbee pointed out – a conference tournament win for BYU to get into the Dance. Short of a WCC Tourney title, a win in an earlier round over Gonzaga would really help… a win over St. Mary’s alone probably wouldn’t be enough. So, Boise State will replace them as one of the final teams in the Big Dance. Villanova bowed out of the field after failing to finish the job against Pittsburgh. They were replaced by a pretty similar Tennessee squad. Both teams have done just well enough to be in serious consideration for a bid, but both have also stumbled in the spotlight to some degree. It has almost become a war of attrition for the final few spots, with teams like Mississippi, Colorado, Virginia, Tennessee, Villanova, Alabama and Iowa State all losing over the weekend, in a time when they all needed a win to solidify their spots. With this being the final week of conference play for some leagues – and the start of conference tournaments in others – time is running out for all of these teams to make their cases.

With ALL of that said, here’s Monday’s prediction for the field of 68. Some seedings from yesterday were changed, as well as the change in teams outlined above. Most notably, Michigan and Georgetown are now on the 2-line, Kansas State and Florida are on the 3-line. Oregon and Creighton switched seeds, as well.


(click to enlarge)

LAST EIGHT IN: Kentucky, Illinois, Colorado, Mississippi, La Salle, Tennessee, Boise State, Virginia

FIRST EIGHT OUT: Villanova, Iowa State, Alabama, Arkansas, BYU, Southern Miss, Baylor, Maryland


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